Kimberley Diamond Cup Skateboarding World Championships 2015 Results

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KDC Street Skateboarding World Championships

1. Nyjah Huston $100000
2. Luan Oliveira $35000
3. JS Lapierre $12000
4. Yoshi Tanenbaum $12000
5.Tommy Fynn $4000
6. Vincent Milou $4000
7. Chase Webb $4000
8. Jost Arends $4000
9. TJ Rogers $2000
10. Dlamini Dlamini $2000
11. Gustavo Servin $2000
12. Tyson Bowerbank $2000


KDC South African Street Skateboarding Championships

1. Brandon Valjalo R20000
2. Alan Marola R8000
3. Allan Adams R5000
4. Kanya Spani R2500

Top Grom South African Championships

1. Tyler Kammies R8000
2. Aya Gericke R6000
3. Jamie de Villiers R4000

KDC Vert Skateboarding World Championships

1. Jimmy Wilkins $35000
2. Mitchie Brusco $20000
3. Pierre Luc Gagnon $11000

Rider Cup Championships

1. Team AKAM (Alan Marola, Allan Adams, Brandon Valjalo, Khule Ngubane )R10000
2. 2 Traes 1 Cup (Trae Rice, Kanya Spani, Yann Horowitz, Josh Chisholm) R5000
3. Durban Dirtbags (George van Blerk, Kalvyn Mac Millan, Braxton Haine, Thariq Makuyi) R2500

KDC Women’s Street World Championships

1. Alexis Sablone $15000
2. Vanessa Torres $8000
3. Leticia Bufoni $5000
4. Pamela Rosa $3000
5. Lacey Baker $2500
6. Candy Jacobs $1500
7. Aura Bredart $1200
8. Marisa Dal Santo $500

KDC African Street World Championships

1. Damien Philippe R5000
2. Laurent Gence R2500
2. Thierry Finet R2500

KDC South African Vert Championships

1. Damian Bramley R10000
2. Graham Denoon R5000
3. Dallas Oberholzer R2500
4. Brett Shaw R1000
5. Lanie van der Walt R500

KDC South African Women’s Street Championships

1. Kelly Murray R8000
2. Boipelo Awuah R5000
3. Natalie Bramley R2500

Extreme Sports Action

Extreme Sports Action

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